Contracts & Testimonials

“Today was an exceptionally pleasant day … for the first time, someone came and took the time to review our office setup and make perfectly logical recommendations as to how we could better run our technological side.” ~Rigbie Farm

Brooks Shumate, founder of ITeXpansion is an innovative and creative problem solver with over 25 years of practical IT business experience.  With a wide range of professional talent, we have specialized in Desktop Support, Systems Integration and Project Management.  The owner has earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentration in Management Information Systems from Johns Hopkins University.  In addition he also has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Towson University.

We are computer and software experts who have practical experience with the industry’s rapidly changing technology.  We specialize (SME – Subject Matter Expert) in the following areas: Networking, Development and Training.  We pride ourselves on being exceptionally organized, innovative and solving complex problems.  As a computer scientist we rely on our intuition to apply our knowledge, skills and abilities rationally and logically.  We live in the world of ideas and strategic planning.  We are tremendously insightful and usually are very quick to understand new ideas. We have held industry titles such as Director Information Technology, Chief Information Technology Officer, District Service Manager, Information Technology Project Manager, IT Operations Manager, Computer Security & Server Administrator, Systems Administrator, Sr. Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, Software Engineer, Desktop Engineer, Quality Assurance Technician, Technical Support Specialist, Technical Services Specialist, PC Technician, Sr. Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Training Manager, Web Design, Development and Architect.

Our primary goal is to improve efficiencies and save organizations time and money.  Typically, public and private sector companies hire ITeXpansion because of our proven track record in the area of strategic planning, systems integration and business process reengineering.  We generally accept W2 or 1099 independent contracts and project work, depending on the specific job responsibilities and duties.  Our rate is negotiable and ranges from $20-200 per hour.  Below is a list of organizations we have completed projects for in the past since 1989Read more

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